Investing in fair trade

Calvert Foundation invests the Chocolate Dividends Fund in social enterprises based on our recommendations. We look for subsidiaries of non-profits that have a solid business model and great potential, but limited access to traditional capital markets.

As of Jan 2009, we have invested over $50,000 in social enterprises that generate outstanding returns for the community. Most of those funds are placed with the first ever Good Capital Social Enterprise Expansion Fund, a type of social venture capital. This fund helps enterprises with a social mission scale quickly to better fulfill their mission and serve the community. Investments include:

In addition to investing money, we invest our time to understand and evaluate the business, the people, and the potential for community impact. We work closely with selected companies to help them reach profitability as soon as possible. Yachana Gourmet, our initial investment target, is a great example of a company with the power to address deforestation, healthcare, education and access to clean water for communities in the Amazon basin.

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