Investing in social enterprises means much more than just opening your wallet. It means opening your head and your heart to new experiences.

Our chocolate tasting events provide opportunities for you to sample some of the great products produced by social enterprises. Tasting 10 different chocolates in an evening can be hard work. But we know you and your friends are up to the task.

These tastings also provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the people behind the chocolate and the social impact of Chocolate Dividends investments. In the future we may host events for other types of enterprises as well, although it might be a little harder to get excited about sustainably produced broccoli.

Chocolate Dividends can create a private chocolate tasting event for you. See Tasting Details for more information. Of course all proceeds from tasting events go straight into the Chocolate Dividends Donor Fund.

What is the sound of chocolate breaking... and what does this say about the chocolate?