Fine chocolate is like fine wine. It requires careful attention to how the beans are grown, picked, fermented and roasted. Chocolate trees are native to the rain forest and grow best there. Pruning and harvesting is hard work that must be done by hand, by people living in the rain forest.

When we choose to settle for lesser chocolate, we're saying we don't care about the chocolate trees. We are saying we won't miss the chocolate when it's gone, and we don't mind if the people who know the craft of growing fine chocolate move to the cities and compete for jobs putting soles on athletic shoes.

How is Sunita saving the cacao trees and creating opportunities for indigenous farmers? How can you help while eating chocolate?! She's investing in the companies and the people who make this chocolate. She wants you to have the choice to try the chocolate for yourself. She's confident that once you try it, you'll like it and you'll be willing to pay a fair price to buy more. The money you spend will be reinvested in the trees and in the education and healthcare of the people who tend them.

Choosing chocolate made by companies that support growers and their communities is not a sacrifice, it is a celebration of great taste and great business practices! It helps these businesses and the family farmers they support protect the rain forest, educate their children and get access to health care.

Well, Sunita loves this chocolate and wants her children and their children's children to know what it's like to taste this handcrafted treat. Join Sunita!

The mission of Chocolate Dividends extends beyond chocolate to creating opportunities for underserved communities around the world. We are working with others to make this unique connection between chocolate growers and chocolate lovers a model for using business to create a better world for all!