Chocolate Dividends, LLC is a company with a social mission to create new opportunities by investing in fair trade.

Founded in 2005 by Greg Wolff and Sunita de Tourreil, Chocolate Dividends raises awareness by organizing tasting events featuring fair trade products. These events also provide feedback to fair trade suppliers. All profits are reinvested in social enterprises through the Chocolate Dividends Donor Fund.

Sunita de Tourreil

Chocolate Enthusiast

With a Swiss father who always had a stockpile of chocolate at home, Sunita grew up savouring chocolate! Subsequent studies in molecular biology and many years of clinical research on neurodegenerative diseases and childhood cancer, Sunita is well positioned to understand and communicate the health benefits of chocolate. Prions are bad; chocolate is good!

Greg Wolff

2004-2005 Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University

With over 15 years experience in the research and development of
information tools for collaboration, Greg brings a keen appreciation
for both the power and limitations of technology to benefit humanity.
In other words, iPods are great but they can't compete with chocolate.